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Everybody (mis)Fits

Client: DDB Group Aotearoa

Agency: DDB Group Aotearoa

Tools: Procreate, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop

An internal campaign created to showcase to teenaged students the different jobs and responsibilities possible working within the advertising industry. The concept was to create a variety of 'misfit' monster characters (people who don't fit into typical job fields) and show how their unique skills fit within an agency. The campaign included a print book, as well as trading cards for each character so that the students could collect potential job roles they were interested in while visiting DDB Group Aotearoa.

My responsibilities included: 

  • Developing the illustrative style for the campaign.

  • Concepting and designing monsters for each job role.

  • Providing all illustrations for both book and cards.

  • Laying out and preparing the book and cards for print.

Interior pages of final book.

Job role collectable cards.

Monster character and illustration concepts.

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