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Wylde Flowers

Studio: Studio Drydock

Tools: Procreate, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere Pro

In 2022 I was hired to work on a contract at Studio Drydock as their content creator and marketing artist. During this time, I worked alongside the marketing team to develop marketing and community content, ranging from rebranding/illustrating the  new key art visuals for the game's launch to Steam and Nintendo, to creating emoticons for our community Discord server, plus many others. 


My responsibilities included: 

  • Creating new key art for launch of game on new platforms

  • Creating branded posts for community spaces (including blogposts, contests, etc.)

  • Designing merchandise for PR kits

  • Illustrating pieces for upcoming events in the style of the games visual

  • Taking in-game screenshots and videos for press kits, social media and game stores (Apple, Steam, Nintendo)

Key Art

Social Art

A collection of illustrations featuring characters from Wylde Flowers celebrating different holidays/events, created for social media.

Emoticons created for our community discord server.

Marketing Art